The on-going campaign TBS is doing for the new Conan O'Brien show is some of the best I've seen in a long time. Everything I've seen is brilliant and on top of that there's ads everywhere!  This latest promo can be seen in movie theaters and online and is in my opinion some of Conan's best skit work.


The question that bothers me is why is everyone else so bad at promoting themselves? Ad agencies in particular. Sure Conan has a team of top notch writers to help him jam out brilliant ideas. Don't ad agencies have the same? Are creatives supposed to be quirky and funny? The ones I know are... but the argument is that they're to busy working on making those paying clients work awesome. I guess if the only thing you had to think about for a week was ideation for your own TV show we all could come up with some pretty awesome content. But we still don't have Conan O'Brien to be that funny bastard that he is in our ideas. The talent does matter. Hear that brands? THE TALENT MATTERS! Granted the promo above would probably be just shy of awesome with Jay Leno in it. I had a point to this post... that we can't promote our own brands very well. Although I think it just boils down that Conan is one funny bastard... But then again who doesn't want to see a guy beat the shit out of his stunt man and then drive a car off a cliff with explosives, fireworks and popcorn.

Simply brilliant.