Here's my quick rant on innovation. Personally I think innovation for any brand/company is what will rise those to the top of their competitors. I could go on and talk about Apple and how much they spend on R&D and how no one can seem to catch up to their products in under 3 years. I could even talk about Victors & Spoils who is changing the way agencies are run. But I'm going to assume your smart and realize what I'm saying makes sense. If your confused as to what I mean by smart, please read this before reading any further here.

Now on to the great idea that warranted me throwing up words on a website. WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is a global environmental conservation organization. Basically its something like 5 million people globally trying to make a dent in the raping and pillaging of natural resources that the rest of us do. Don't worry I bundle myself in the raping and pillaging group. After all I drive a gas guzzling 2002 Range Rover. I'm pretty much sticking a middle finger up at the ozone everytime I drive that beast. But that doesn't diminish how much I respect the hard work the people at WWF do to stop jerks like me. Which leads me to the innovative way WWF finally got me to care... which was by creating a new digital file format called .wwf that is simply a PDF that cannot be printed out on those evil tree killing printers.

Did your head just explode? Cause mine kinda did just typing it. Seriously why didn't this come up sooner?! It's simple. It works. It's a way to avoid unnecessary printing. You can download the software save your document as a WWF below and try it for yourself. Which you should do now!

 It works. I tried it already by sending it to every account person in my office. No doubt pissing off everyone. Success.

 Now there are no doubt some of you thinking... "Dude, that's stupid. Sometimes I want to print things out and read it!" or "Man, no one will use that because it doesn't work on my iphone or ipad or Crackberry!" There are lots of good arguments out there that hold wait as to why this doesn't quite work on a large scale. But I'd agrue that the point isn't really for people to use it on a daily basis, but to get enough people use it so they may think twice before printing when they do get a normal PDF. Perhaps one day soon this idea does get legs and somehow gets enough people behind it to decide that their should be iphone apps that will read the new .wwf format. Or maybe it will just educate enough people to save a few billion tree's that week. That's one more year of oxygen in the life span of Earth. Huzzah!

Wether or not your pro environment or drive a Ozone death car like me. You have to appreciate the great and simple innovation of creating a new file format that prevents printing. Check out the video below for a quick rundown of how the software works. Then go download it and send it off if only to piss off the account whinnies. 

Hell yes! WWF you are killing it.