I'm not in marketing anymore...I'm in the business of entertainment. I can't remember the last time I thought of an idea for an ad and didn't ask myself; "Is that entertaining to view/click/play?" Not that I shouldn't be asking that question as I wouldn't be asking myself that question if I didn't think the client would be thinking the same when viewing the ideas.  Does it have to entertain? Can't it just be? I used to think that the concept was most important if not at least the first thing I ask. I seem to be constantly challenging myself with holding on to some shred of artistic integrity by striving for that concept or at least the hope that the ad can evoke an emotional response. Alas, I give up. It not about art. Nope. It's about Entertainment.

I'm not in marketing anymore... I'm in the business of entertainment.

Could it be entertainment that drives us? That evokes us to click on something or dive deeper into a brand. I mean I hope it looks good. It helps when the typical person says "Way to-go designer person for making this entertaining thing I'm viewing not look stupid." Maybe all we care about is if it wastes are time brilliantly. Take for example the swarm of viral and flash mob ads that brands are doing. A day doesn't go by where I don't see a video of some singing/dancing bums on a subway in Chicago promoting Subway sandwiches or a video of some kid blowing up a cell phone in a microwave for Ericsson. And while I feel sad as the artistic nature of these ads seems to fall by the wayside, I am yet entertained enough to sit and watch and laugh or cry or just be appreciative that it kept me from doing real work for 3 mins. Damn you dancing babies! I wish we could change the question. Instead of "Does the ad entertain you?" it can be "Does the ad change you?"

Maybe all we care about is if it wastes are time brilliantly.

Some ads reach a level of awesome. Even those done in the viral space that seem to keep my hope alive for humanity. I think BMW was the first to do "viral with style" videos with the The Driver series. Followed by the recently genius of Old Spice and even the Skittles creative has been nothing short of amazing. But that perfection is difficult to achieve. The ability to Entertain and still keep you creative integrity. Is it possible for the client to understand this? Does the consumer care? Shit I hope so. Otherwise I'm ditching advertising and going straight over to Entertertaiment branding. As I'm pretty sure Sony Pictures and Fox gave up on the idea of creative a long time ago to soley focus on weather or not it entertains. Which is fine if your selling tickets to a movie that has a shelf life of 2 weeks and hoping enough idiots see it opening weekend (raising my idiot hand).

Instead of "Does the ad entertain you?" it can be "Does the ad change you?"

Brands should be more elevated. Walk with your head high. Demand art. Not shiitake mushrooms. If there was a moment in film that sums up the folly of consumer entertaiment nicely... I go straight to the Ridley Scott classic "Gladitor".