This is my first simi-suedo ipad app review. Actually it's more of a commentary on what I hope the future holds in terms of digital content consumption mixed in with an app review. I know not everyone is fortunate enough to own an iPad, but I imagine like the smart phone, it's only a matter of time before most people have a tablet device as powerful as the iPad. So I was excited blown away when I downloaded the Post Gravity app for my iPad2 because for the first time I see the potential and I'm really excited.


First off I don't do much more on my iPad than play on Twitter and Facebook and read/listen to the occasional NPR article on their pretty stellar app. So I'm fairly easy to impress. Actually, the coolest app I've previously downloaded was the Evernote Peek app. Which I'll probably never use, but the idea of using the 'Smart Cover' in a cleaver way was just plain brilliant. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should.


The Post Gravity app found me on a lazy sunday. I occasionally browse the app store to see if anybody created any apps that are similar to any of my shower induced genius app ideas. I don't know why I clicked on the Post app. Perhaps the nice retro blue icon? I quickly read the short and somewhat nerdy description of the app. Words like "interactive 3D fashion story powered by infra-red technology" is a bit wordy even more the likes of my geeky self. Alas I bit. Mainly because this image of a girl in a big ass space helmut with the cosmos reflecting off her rounded visor. My science spider sense went off and had to have it. How much does it cost? $2.99... done. Then next 10 mins I sat staring at the icon and the download bar. 737 Megabytes isn't small. In fact it's giant. So I past the time with Chess With Friends (obsessed). Then the time finally came... I launched this interative 3D thingymajig app and my jaw dropped and my mind exploded.


My science spider sense went off and had to have it.


Before I go further, I should describe that POST is a culture magazine produced exclusively for the iPad without print or web-based supplement. This issue, Gravity, is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gargarin's space walk and so most of the content inside is space-themed. If your not a science nerd like me, don't let that discourage you from getting this app. The content inside is just as much about experience as education. Which is why I'm going to claim right here that this is the best example of the future of content consumption on a mobile device or maybe on any screen.


I'm going to claim right here that this is the best example of the future of content consumption on a mobile device or maybe on any screen.


The moment you open the app your greeted to a beautiful image of model Iselin Steiro in a visual stunning getup. The interactivity starts early. You touch the screen and a highly detailed wireframe overlays ontop of Steiro and the transition is seemless as she dances on screen. Your finger controls the perspective as the colors change from electric blues to reds. It's simply awesome. You swipe left and you enter the next page of this magazine. It lets you know here, early, that if you have headphones, wear them, cause this is going to be an experience. So sit back and prepare to become entangled.


I'm going to go into detail on the areas where my heart started to flutter. When diving into this app I quickly reached the adverts. Like any magazine you have ads that need their placement. And since I work in Advertising, it's no surprise that I notice and critique. The first ad I come upon is for Gucci. At first is looks like a typical still photo shot hyper real with beautiful color. As I look closer I notice the clouds in the background moving. Whoa (Keanu Reeves style). The next ad that caught my fancy was a Nike short film.  This was a collaboration with POST and features the British Sprinter Joey Duck. It's a gorgeously shot piece that resembles less of an ad and more of a art piece. The Y-3 ad that I come upon next. Is literally a mood video showcasing gorgeous models in a dark hallway and ominous music. Careful the ad repeats... although you may find yourself watching these interactive ads a few times anyways. The next innovative thing I noticed was a periodic table laid out with tiny products. Accessories for Summer 2011 it tells me. The products are spinning furiously, taunting me to click them. I do of course. I click touch the Eiffel Tower in the first box. A window expands and a detail of the model comes up. I can rotate the image left and right. As I do a startling and yet satisfying sound emanates and resonates. I do it again. Giggle. Looking at over prices items has never been this fun in my hands. Don't even get me started on how awesome the Rolex ad is. You'll just have to experience it yourself. And these are the ads? All of a sudden TV spots and print ads seem trivial and unimportant. Why bother. I don't need to see metrics on these visceral interactive ads on POST Gravity. I know they are off the charts. Online banner ads you can take your .03 percent click through and shove it. Where do I sign up for more?



I've only tapped the surface of the curated content in the magazine. But the few pieces I've experienced are out of this world. Literally. From artful video content about Yuri Gargarin's spacewalk to interactive images of girls in space suits to sounds bites that are answers to questions that you interact with. One of the best shot pieces is called "The Man Who Fell To Earth". The teaser video of what you will experience in the app lives on Vimeo.  What it won't show you is that you can actually purchase the clothes this falling man is wearing. It's truly something that I never expected and more.


I can't stress enough how groundbreaking this content is. It's totally worth the $2.99. It's easily hours of content and if anything else you can blow your friends and co-workers minds with any of the features this app holds. So go download this app. I want to see more of this genius. So lets support content that is finally reaching the potential that we all hoped for with this amazing technology. Bravo POST. Bravo.