I've never been to Cannes. Nor have I won the illusive and illustrious Cannes Lion award in advertising. I'm still relatively young in my advertising career, so I still believe the day will come (sooner than later I hope). But even though I can't afford to attend (yet), I still find my self inspired by all the great work the advertising and media world do every single year.

It's this time of year I find my self really seeing what's possible with the right client and the right idea.... and the right account team, leadership, agency, vendors, media buy, time of year, time of day, what you eat, etc... Basically it seems, at times, the stars and gods must line up 'just right' for those incredible ideas to come forward and become Cannes Lion Winners.

Throughout the year great ideas get killed by either the client or an ECD or even ones own frustration towards a project. Then after awhile one gets the advertising blues. That feeling like there hasn't been much good for the ol' portfolio in ages.  For me that hits every 3 months sometimes more depending on the workload. And it takes finding a bit of inspiration again to get me on track again...and again. The last week I got that well needed inspiration by viewing all the great creative and case studies from Cannes. I have my mojo again.

I'm ready to take ownership of my work. To strive for the best work possible. To keep trying my hardest to make sure I end up on the beaches of South France on summer holding a Gold Lion. One day the stars will line up... till then enjoy the same inspiration I have through the links below. 

Each link below goes to one of my favorite sites on the interwebs They did an incredible job of compiling all the Print, TV, Online and Case Study videos showcasing the winners in each category.