Paid Endorsements: 

"Drew Lewis is someone you want on your team. His contributions always exceed the request. He has proven to be both an individual that you can go to and get results and also a team player whose participation brings a certain glue to the team. Drew is a creative person first and foremost, but he also understands that marketing creative lives in a business world. I would strongly recommend Drew."

- Dan Olson, Managing Director Western Region, Wunderman

"We need more guys like Drew in the creative department. These days so many creative departments are full with people who have talent, but similar talent. What I enjoy about working with Drew is his fresh approach. He’s not looking to copy the latest award winning work; no he’s too busy working out something new, something original, and something that breaks the rules. When I want someone to out-think the others I go looking for Drew."

  - Patricia Pidgeon, VP Director of Account Planning,   YR Brands

"Drew is an incredible creative resource. He is calm under pressure, delivers in spades and manages to have fun while doing it. He is a key player in new business pitches and adds a fresh creative perspective to each and every project."

 - Cecilia Gorman, VP Director of Creative Services, Y&R