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Southern California Edison PEV Dealer Video

How do you make sure car dealers are telling their customers the right information about Plug-in Electric Vehicles? You make sure the dealers don't have to worry about it. Just have them tell their customers to call their local electric company. Just that easy. No Hassels. No stopping the sale. But we thought a nice video would help the dealers remember this easy solution. This video is showcased online at and shown at automotive dealer conferernces.


Poly Pak Website

This site was built with partners Fusioncorp Design, Relecom, and E-Link as a complete site build from the ground up. The site features a complete back-end Content Management System enabling complete analytical tracking through to purchase of products within the E-commerce. With variable content window showcasing slideshow images and video content as well as custom built graphics and animations. Poly Pak may be a mid level bag production company but their site is light years ahead of the competition.


Land Rover Online Page Takeover

Laura Bell Bundy

Laura Bell Bundy is gorgeous, talented, and down to earth. So there's no way you'll believe me that we are friends. Because you shouldn't. Regardless, I designed and built this site years ago, but for some reason I love showcasing it. She is big time now and her websites are managed and built by her record company. Which I'll do my shameless plug now and say you should totally check out her music. I think you'll be blown away.


Salt Fine Art


Schmancy Purses

An oldy but goodie. I still go back to this site and say... "when flash was cool back in the day... this was pretty badass." Then I call Erin the owner of Schmancy Purses and ask if she wants and HTML5 website.


OC AD Federation Bonfire Event Viral Video

Sometimes some of the content you create for fun to promote a local event can be some of your...well, most ridiculous work. This is a good example of coming up with an idea, shooting, editing, and posting all in one day. I pat myself on the back for that.


Old Spice "Portrait"

What happens with you get 3 creatives in a room looking at a contest put on by a client you wish was yours... this happens. Needless to say we had fun, and the video lives on in the viral online world. Forever.