I occasionally write recaps on events I attend as well as a few rants on the state of things in "ad land." You'll find those reads in "The Digital DL."

I wrote about my 2015 SxSW experiences and sessions I attended in several Medium posts. From thoughts on Lyft to Yik Yak, there is something in "SXSWi 2015" to waste a few minutes reading.

I'm very interested in what social channels like Twitter and Facebook are doing with Verification and the unique tools that the A-List of social media get. Whether it highlights inequality or argues for more protection, I save it here.

Read up on all the nerd things I read and or save to read on the internet. Mostly Star Wars stuff... sometimes I sprinkle some off-beat anime links to keep things interesting.

You may be familiar with my FINDS newsletter and website, but I also post all the links I put in the newsletter and website on a Flipboard if that's your flavor of consuming media. You're welcome.