RETRO REPLAY is a new refreshing take on the “Let’s Play” video game content that's widely popular across channels like YouTube and Twitch.

As co-creator of RETRO REPLAY along with Nolan North (DeadpoolUncharted Series, Destiny), Troy Baker (Bioshock, Last of Us, Batman), and Executive Producer PJ Haarmsa (Con Man, Spectrum, Rings of Orbis) we've tapped into the nostalgia culture of retro games and the long form storytelling of podcasting to create a new form of high quality content for the digital age.

Industry stories, guest stars, a dirty joke or two, and a lot of funny voices over your favorite retro games. Watch now on YouTube!

LAND ROVER #Hibernot "Unexpected Activity"

Land Rover helps people make more of their world, no matter the weather. 

In Phase 2 of the #Hibernot campaign we set out to create inspirationally driven content as we followed three photographers/influencers on a journey to remote Hot Springs in Colorado in a Range Rover Evoque Convertible. 

Utilizing the influencers' social reach and paid social, we launched a 360 campaign that drove to a unique story on the Land Rover website.

Role: Content Strategy Director

LAND ROVER #Hibernot "Forecasts for Adventure"

Land Rover helps people make more of their world, no matter the weather. So we coined the term #Hibernot, which means to explore new experiences when others don't dare not to venture out.

The #Hibernot campaign went out it two phases. In phase 1, we created 5 short clips each with a different take on typical weather forecasts that encouraged you to make more of your winter. We then pushed these out through programmatic paid media specifically around certain weather triggers. So when your social feed was being bombarded with chatter around a snowstorm you got a fun piece of content from Land Rover.

Role: Content Strategy Director

JAguar "Valentine" with BEN Collins

So, it's that time of year when you have someone you want to impress. With a wink to Valentines Day and the aptly named Jaguar F-TYPE, we were quick to bring this idea to fruition in a way only Jaguar could...with a bit of charm.

Everyone has a type. And as professional driver Ben Collins showcases, whether you're more into the indoors or the outdoors, the Jaguar F-TYPE has you covered. 

If I told you the small budget and timeline we did this under, there'd be several people angry with me. Let's just say it was a team effort.

Role: Content Strategy Director

JAguar "Performance vs style" with Bryce Harper

Jaguar signs Major League Baseball Player and MVP bad boy Bryce Harper as a brand ambassador in a bold and smart move. Now it's up to the agency to make it fit naturally.

Although restricted to his contract points we took full advantage of the opportunity to create a mini campaign pitting both style and performance of Bryce Harper against the Jaguar F-Type in a high fashion style photoshoot and behind the scenes video that would be used on ESPN, GILT, and social media.

For the cherry on top, we surprised fans of both Bryce Harper and the Jaguar F-Type with handcrafted signed baseballs...turning fans into believers.

Role: Content Strategy Director

Jaguar Holiday Lights

More and more consumers want to be entertained with relevant and timely content from brands. This past holiday season Jaguar created 3 short form videos that launched on its social platforms on the days leading up to Christmas as well as New Years Day. The engagement was higher than the daily always-on content and better yet overall sentiment was incredibly positive.

Under 3 weeks from brief to production with ever tighter budgets...this truly was agile content.

Role: Content Strategy Director

Land Rover Fall Field Guides

Culturally relevant and on brand, Land Rover created a Fall Field Guide with stories and posts from influencers,  curated journeys on the brand website, and a beautiful piece of content that lived across channel. 

This fleeting moment was pushed out during the fall months and helped softening sales of the Range Rover Sport that quarter. A low budget production with a quick turn around and sound strategy is a win in my book.

Role: Content Strategy Director


Before Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, & PJ Haarsma's record breaking Indiegogo campaign for Con Man launched. They needed help bringing the vision to life with a short teaser of an scene from the show. Alan, PJ, and myself filmed a scene from the upcoming web series as a proof of concept that eventually became the 13 episode show you can see today on Vimeo, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. It was recently picked up 

Currently I'm managing content creation and communication with their 3.2 million combined fan base. Con Man is currently in Season 2 pre-production in partnership with Lionsgate and their online portal Comic Con HQ. We're also launching a Comic Book and mobile game in 2016.

Role: Content Director | Community Manger | Post Production Supervisor | Editor

Invisalign Testimonials

A series of testimonial videos that get to the heart of why Invisalign can change not only your smile, but your confidence as well.

Role: Producer | Editor | Animator


A sunglass company that takes high fashion and blends it with a bit of attitude, IVI recently found new ownership and needed someone to help manage their creative needs and content development. Cue my entrance...

Managing a team of 3 to 5 art directors and copywriters I continually crank out social media content as well as creative concepts for new product launches quarterly.

Role: Content & Creative Director


Land Rover's are built to withstand some of the harshest road conditions imaginable. One of these incredible features is the LR3's 27.6 inch wading depth. We visualized this feature by installing redtape on store fronts, buildings, and even people around New York City during the Auto Show. At night we projected video of the LR3 capabilities on buildings hopping to different areas for as long as we could before the authorities came. It was unpaid advertising in it's rawest form.

Role: Art Director | Editor | Filmographer

Awards: WPPed Cream Award, John Caples Award,

Southwest Rapid Rewards "New Form of Advertising"

Before this campaign, boarding gate monitors were only used for one reason - to display the destination and boarding groups (A, B, C). We thought that while the passengers are waiting to board, this would be a good time to remind them to sign up to Rapid Rewards, Southwest's loyalty program. Giving them a simple way to sign up via text message, we increased sign-ups by 295%. And because the boarding gate monitors are free media, this was adopted across all airlines gate monitors. Starting a trend felt pretty good.

Role: Producer | Animator

Awards: ECHO Awards Finalist, Gold SIGI Award

Toshiba "Boring vs. Normal"

How do you show off all the innovations of Toshiba Laptops? Give them to the people of two towns and pit them against each other in an epic online battle. We picked two towns Boring, Oregon and Normal, Illinois that we thought these people have something to prove. We called it Boring vs Normal. 8 weeks of filming, 16 weekly recap videos, 8 viral videos, 4 epic concerts (with celebrities), 2 towns with something to prove using Toshiba Laptops.

Role: Art Director | Editor | Filmographer

Awards: Gold Sigi Award, Gold National ADDY 

Special Olympics of Southern California

Role: Producer | Art Director | Editor

Awards: 2 ADDY Silvers | Radio Mercury Awards Finalist


Tired of lame agency holiday emails and video carolers? We were too. So we asked a grown man to dress up in a unitard snowman outfit and act out charades on camera. But that was just for our own benefit. We wanted to give our biggest fans something back. So we decided to give away 12 gifts leading up to Christmas. Not just any gifts, the weird stuff you'd never buy yourself, but secretly want big time. In order to get these amazing gifts we created animated gifs of our "Snowbro" acting out what the gift would be. Then we pushed them out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and a microsite where everyone lucky enough to hear about it could guess the gif to win the gift. Careful, not all these gifs are SFW. 

Role: New Media Director 

Awards: Shorty Awards Finalist, ADDY Silver TV

Slick deals wanted to dip their toe into a bigger media advertising pool. They needed DRTV spots that would drive hits and awareness. So we hired celebrity director Alan Tudyk to bring these ideas to life on a limited budget.

Role: Art Director | Animator

Solspot TV

Created a series of TV/Web spots for a surf forecast site called Great little site founded by surfers and run by surfers. With local tips for your favorite beach along with live webcams 24/7. To stay true to the brand we interviewed real surfers as they reveal what their Solspot is.

Role: Concept | Filmographer | Editor 

Awards: ADDY Silver

Southern California Edison "Energy Upgrade California"

A series of educational videos to highlight the need and incentives involved to upgrade your home to be more energy efficient. 3 different stories and 3 locations in 1 day we combined the live action with animation from Blur Studios to make the information easy to understand.

Role: Art Director | Editor | Color Correction

Shell Business Cascade and Promo Emails

Role: Producer | Art Director

Health net Youtube Pre-Roll ads

Health Net needed to target hispanics in the Los Angeles area during their open enrollment period. Knowing that Hispanics are huge consumers of of mobile video (especially YouTube), we created a series of ads from real found "fail" footage. This tactic keep the viewer away from the skip button playing on the human trait that we all want to see what happens next. 

Role: Producer | Editor | Color Correction | Animator

ilasik brand videos

How do you tell a compelling story on a limited budget using only stock footage? Here are two examples that elevated the awareness of iLasik online and in store in interesting ways. One by creating a parallax animation style to showcase the details you see after iLasik. The other video uses lifestyle footage and amazing color treatments to showcase the freedom you have once you undergo treatment.

Role: Producer | Editor